On Thursday, October 12th, the The Maplebrook girls’ field hockey team played against Rumsey Hall at home. The girls really showed their development as a team by staying in their zones. Another noticeable improvement was that our players kept their heads up during the game and were looking to pass to each other. The girls showed great progress with their on-field communication. Our first goal of the year was scored by one of our veteran players, Malu Dorley. Guest appearances from the soccer team included Sophia Moubayed and Gioia Taraboulsi. Sophia is known for her quick stick work while moving around defenders. Gioia, while it was her first game, made it very clear that she would make up for the lack of experience with pure determination. In fact, the whole team showed the same grit and determination though out the game. Faith Townsend could be heard from across the field rallying the troops by cheering words of encouragement. Faith also stepped up and lead by example during this game. She was brought out from the goal for the first time this season and showed some great defensive play and driving power that finally drove our game play further up field. With this forward movement, we were able to put more pressure on goal than ever before. And speaking of goal pressure, you would have no idea that Maya Treisman was new to the goalie position. Her athletic instincts and cool-head allowed her to take on wave after wave of shots. The final score was 4-1 in favor of Rumsey.