On Friday, October 13th, the Maplebrook girls’ field hockey team had another great game against Mizzentop. Despite being exhausted from the home game the day before, our girls fought to the very end and made amazing strides in their game play. The field was half the size of what they were used to, which lead to a lot of traffic and a huge number of shots on goal. Also, with half as many subs as the other team, we are extremely proud of how our team gives one-hundred percent every time. Maya Treisman, our team’s co-captain, stepped up to the goalie position for this game. Maya faced many shots from the Mizzentop forwards and showed improvement with each save. Sabrina Stanley and Sashane Dunn are great examples of the diversity of strengths on the MBS field hockey team. Sashane is a driving force and can effortlessly make her way through the crowds of players. She rushes to where she needs to be with strength and ferocity that is simply unmatched, and can send the ball flying halfway across the field with one hit. Then we have Sabrina Stanley, who is discreet, patient, and precise. If a player makes the mistake of underestimating her, she will poke check and jab her stick right in front of opposing swings. Sabrina is able to time and wait for opposing players to wind up which gives her an opportunity to make an interception. Each of our players have skills as unique of their personalities and we see them grow with each game.

“The final score of this game was 8-0, but the Maplebrook field hockey team has every reason to be proud of their performance.” – Coach McGhee.