2/28/18: the Maplebrook Swim Team had their annual swim meet, and I’m happy to say that it was a huge success! Everybody on the team put forth an amazing effort, giving 110% in every event, and cheering each other on with an immense amount of enthusiasm. Some of our strongest swimmers, including Tatianna, Nick F., and Kaylee, all gave amazing performances in their events, demonstrating some of the excellent swimming skills on Maplebrook’s swim team. Some other swimmers, including Matt, Faith, and Lucas, all demonstrated an excellent effort and showed just how much their swimming skills had improved over the season. Everyone on the team who participated in the meet did an excellent job, with everyone showing dramatic improvements in swimming skills since the beginning of the season, and everyone showing support and encouragement for their teammates. The rest of the student body and faculty also showed amazing support as well when coming out to watch.