The match started off on a better note than our previous one. The defense has improved greatly due to working on not being over-committed towards the ball. The defense was also doing a great job with tightening the gaps, which made it tough for Sherman to score on us. Nick did a great job driving to the goal and did his best to score. Back on the other end, Zach worked very hard to block the many shots that he faced. Jordana, Bert, Colin and Ben also played very well and put forth a lot of effort.

The Eagles maintained their energy in the second half and worked very hard. Nick and TD made decent attempts for the goal, but were unable to finish. Our team has been improving on their defense, but ball movement is next on our list. I think that the Eagles would be more successful if they could pass the ball around more on offense. Additionally, Congratulations to Jordana for scoring her first goal!

In conclusion, we lost by a score of 5 to 4 to Sherman.  It was a close match and the team did an amazing job. The Eagles worked as an overall team and I am sure that we will improve if we continue working on our strengths and weaknesses.

-Saurabhya, Student-Team Manager