Mission & Goals

The mission of Maplebrook School is to provide quality academic programs for youngsters with learning differences, or who may exhibit a learning disorder. Through small group and individualized instruction, the student will be assisted in reaching his or her academic, social, vocational, and physical potential. In addition, the caring, supportive and home-like environment will provide the necessary experiences to allow youngsters the opportunity to assume a more independent role in society.

More specifically, the goals of Maplebrook School are to:

  • Provide an academic curriculum designed to enhance strengths and remediate academic weaknesses
  • Provide an environment where the student develops self-awareness and social skills to participate appropriately in the community
  • Provide a setting where the student develops a peer support system consisting of companionship, friendship, and support
  • Offer a wide variety of structured and unstructured physical activities designed to assist the student in the areas of health care, physical fitness, and sportsmanship
  • Offer career education in occupational and vocational fields designed to provide job training for immediate or future entry into additional career training and/or employment
  • Provide life-skills education to assist the student in the acquisition of independent living skills
  • Facilitate the acquisition and understanding of universally accepted moral principles
  • Provide educational direction to parents to assist them in planning future opportunities for their children.


Maplebrook School | 5142 Route 22 | Amenia, NY 12501

phone: 845.373.9511 | 845.373.8191 (Admissions)

fax: 845.373.7029

email: admissions@maplebrookschool.org