Cross Country Team Update

Wednesday, September 20th, six members of the Maplebrook Cross Country team traveled to the Oakwood Friends School to participate in a large meet that represented multiple schools in the area.  There were over a hundred runners participating in the three mile race. We are extremely proud of our six runners considering they only had a few days of training prior to the meet.  Jonathan Burks and Tate Cunningham demonstrated great effort throughout the race. The following four student athletes completed the course in the following order: Nick Fletcher, Aidan Fontaine, Ethan Chrystal and Jamieson Pape. Congratulations!

Soccer Recap

In our first game back in action for the 2017 Soccer Season, Maplebrook School fell to Glenholme School by a 10-7 margin.  The Eagles fought back from a 7-2 halftime deficit to tighten the match.  Outstanding forward play from Nick Stauble kept us in the game as he scored all seven of the Eagles goals.  Zack Lowenberg play a solid second half in goal, and the defense of Matt Berman, Eva Powell and Sophia Moubayed  helped clear out all traffic and rebounds.  The Eagles never gave up and fought hard until the end of the match.  We’d like to thank all of the parents and families who cheered us on and we’d also like to remind you that our next match is at home this Saturday vs. Woodhall School at 3:00pm (9/23/17).

Tentative Fall Sports Schedule

Tentative Fall Sports Schedule

As summer winds down, we’re gearing up for our fall athletic season!

Tentative Fall Sports Schedule 2017


Sept. 19        Tues.                          Glenholme                           Home             4:00

Sept. 23        Sat.                             Woodhall                              Away             3:00

Sept. 26        Tues.                          Rumsey Hall                         Home             3:30

Oct.  11         Wed.                          Oakwood                             Away             3:30

Oct.  18         Wed.                          Glenholme                           Away             3:45

Oct.  25         Wed.                          Glenholme                           Away             3:45

Oct.  27         Fri.                              Woodstock Day                  Home             3:00

Nov.  4           Sat.                             Woodhall                              Away             3:00

Field Hockey

Sept. 27        Wed.                          DDS                                        Away             3:45

Oct.  3            Tues.                          Mizzentop                            Home             3:45

Oct.  12         Thur.                          Rumsey Hall                         Home             3:30

Oct.  13         Fri.                              Mizzentop                            Away             3:45

Nov.  2           Thur.                          Rumsey Hall                         Away             3:00


Sept.  27       Wed.                          Oakwood Invitational       Away             2:30

Oct. 20          Fri.                              DDS                                        Away             3:45

Oct.  25         Wed.                          DDS                                        Away             3:45