Change in Basketball Schedule

Please note that Woodstock Day cancelled the girls’ game this Friday (2/16/18). We will now have a co-ed game vs their boys’ team at 3:45 pm instead (2/16/18). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you and GO EAGLES! 

Basketball Recap from Coach Beer

Thursday, February 8th, 2018: 
The Eagles played an exciting game against Glenholme. They trailed by one point at half time and did all they could possibly do to take the lead. Nick Stauble continued to be a dominant force when rebounding. Zack Lowenberg, Gioia Taraboulsi, and TD Lamzang played tough defense and they were able to pull away with some key steals. On offense, the ball didn’t seem to want to go in the hoop, which allowed Glenholme to keep the lead until the final buzzer. What an improvement by the Eagles since their last match against Glenholme!

Basketball Recap from Coach Beer

The Eagles travelled to the Berkshire Waldorf High School in Stockbridge, Massachusetts for a competitive match. With the team missing some key players, they grouped together taking on some new roles and did a great job. Unfortunately the ball was not falling in the hoop but that didn’t stop the Eagles from continually taking shots and working hard for second chance rebounds. There was some great ball movement in the second half from Ransom Larson and Zack Lowenberg, which resulted in scoring some key buckets. Odette Besso and Fallon Gardner were encouraging their teammates and pushing them to keep positive. The Eagles look forward to their next match on Thursday, February 8th vs. Glenholme (Away).

Post-Game Recaps from Coach Beer:

Post-Game Recaps from Coach Beer:

Sherman School 1/25/18

The Eagles clinched their first win for the season by coming back 13 points after being down. At halftime the Eagles regrouped and came out with energy and determination. Rebounding and strong defense made the difference in the second half. Ransom Larson had some key drives and shots to spark the offense. Nick Stauble and Gioia Taraboulsi had some key put backs when points were needed. The team was very pleased with how they kept a positive attitude throughout the game. Well done!

MIT 1/26/18 & 1/27/18

The 2018 MIT had a strong field of teams. Glenholme, Rumsey Hall, Woodhall and Woodstock Day rounded out the field with Maplebrook. The Eagles showed improvement from the first game to their final game which was great to see for the home crowd. Max Strober’s rebounding was top notch in addition to some key shots. Tomer Mandelbaum also exhibited some great rebounds. Riley Dubilier, Tate Cunningham and Sophia Moubayed’s enthusiasm throughout the tournament kept the Eagles soaring in the right direction.

Rumsey Hall 1/30/18

Another strong comeback from the Eagles. Down 0-12, they chipped away at the deficit with superb rebounding from Nick Stauble and some tough defense from TD Lamzang & Fallon Gardner. Lights out shooting from Ethan Chrystal, who made 5 three-pointers, which was key for the Eagles to be up 32-30 with 17 seconds left in the game. It looked like the Eagles were about to receive their second win of the season until a 3 pointer was made by Rumsey Hall. With Rumsey Hall taking the win 33-32, the Eagles were so pleased that they found a way to make it a competitive game and left the gym with smiles and a positive attitude.