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Tentative Fall Sports Schedule

Tentative Fall Sports Schedule

As summer winds down, we’re gearing up for our fall athletic season!

Tentative Fall Sports Schedule 2017


Sept. 19        Tues.                          Glenholme                           Home             4:00

Sept. 23        Sat.                             Woodhall                              Away             3:00

Sept. 26        Tues.                          Rumsey Hall                         Home             3:30

Oct.  11         Wed.                          Oakwood                             Away             3:30

Oct.  18         Wed.                          Glenholme                           Away             3:45

Oct.  25         Wed.                          Glenholme                           Away             3:45

Oct.  27         Fri.                              Woodstock Day                  Home             3:00

Nov.  4           Sat.                             Woodhall                              Away             3:00

Field Hockey

Sept. 27        Wed.                          DDS                                        Away             3:45

Oct.  3            Tues.                          Mizzentop                            Home             3:45

Oct.  12         Thur.                          Rumsey Hall                         Home             3:30

Oct.  13         Fri.                              Mizzentop                            Away             3:45

Nov.  2           Thur.                          Rumsey Hall                         Away             3:00


Sept.  27       Wed.                          Oakwood Invitational       Away             2:30

Oct. 20          Fri.                              DDS                                        Away             3:45

Oct.  25         Wed.                          DDS                                        Away             3:45

Maplebrook Teacher Gerardo Amarillas Naturalized

Maplebrook Teacher Gerardo Amarillas Naturalized

For teacher Gerry Amarillas, affectionately known as “Mr. A,” August 4th marked the official beginning of his life as a naturalized U.S. citizen.  In addition to Mr. Amarillas, a total of 76 people from 33 countries were granted citizenship at a ceremony held at Maplebrook’s Whalen Hall.   Congratulations to all of the new U.S. citizens!  Learn more about the event at:




Graduation 2017

Once again the weather held off for Maplebrook’s 2017 Graduation.  There were tears and cheers as the graduates gave their speeches.  The Keynote Speaker, Dr. Pamela Edington, spoke to us about listening to the students.

Musical Milestones

Musical Milestones is an ensemble that chronologically tells the colorful history of Broadway through some of it’s most iconic songs.  We hope you enjoy the video of our first performance.  Enjoy the show!

Tennis Victory

Tennis Victory

The MBS tennis team won yesterday’s match against Dutchess Day School, 3-1. The match was competitive, friendly, and fun.

Matt B. won his singles match with a shutout, 6-0. Nick S. won his singles match, 6-2. For the last win, Eliza and Jamieson just obtained the win with a 4-3 match result. Writes Coach Jenna Mazzuchelli, “I’d like to acknowledge Maya T. and Sophia M. for winning two games during their set, as well!”

Well done to all the tennis players, and congratulations on your win(s) MBS athletes!


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