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November Athlete of the Month

November Athlete of the Month

Athlete for the month of November goes to Tate Cunningham. Tate had a spectacular month of riding for the equestrian team. He continued to improve throughout the season on the skills being taught at the barn. Well done Tate on your accomplishment of athlete of the month!




Fall Athletic Awards

Fall Athletic Awards

Congratulations to all of our student-athletes for completing another competitive sports season!

The following students were recognized as the Most Valuable Players:

  • Cross Country: Aidan
  • Equestrian: Ransom
  • Field Hockey: Kaylee
  • Soccer: TD

The following students were recognized as the Most Improved Players:

  • Cross Country: Jonathan
  • Equestrian: Jackson
  • Field Hockey: Sabrina
  • Soccer: Zachary



Soccer Recaps from the Team Manager

Soccer Recaps from the Team Manager

Maplebrook vs. Kildonan

The Eagles started off on a positive note and tried their best to be aggressive. Kildonan’s offense was very strong and unfortunately we conceded a few goals early on in the game. But, I saw a great command given by Zach to keep the defense working, which helped set the foundation for the attackers to score goals. Ben did a great job and hustled up and down the field. Additionally, I have seen great improvements from Tanya and Colin. The second half started off on a better note thanks to goals scored by TD. In conclusion, the team did a great job and gave it their all. The final score was 7 to 3 in Kildonan’s favor.

Maplebrook vs. Glenholme

The Eagles were excited to kick off the Parents’ Weekend Homecoming Game. Our team was trying really hard and you could see that they were trying not to make the same mistakes as last match. Zach made some great saves and the defense stepped up.  There was terrific collaboration by Zach and Colin to tighten the game as well. Nick was doing well on offense and put some points on the board.  The Eagles also played with a lot of confidence and consistency. I was impressed by our team at that point of time. In conclusion, I would like to say that the team played much better from the last match. The final score was a close margin of 8 to 7 in Glenholme’s favor.

-Saurabhya, Student-Team Manager

2018 Auction Gala Photos

2018 Auction Gala Photos

We had a wonderful time at the 2018 Auction Gala! We’d like to thank our parents, staff, faculty and friends for making everything possible.


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