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Our goal at Maplebrook School is to create life-long learners who possess the skills, confidence, and knowledge to meet the challenges in today’s society.  Through athletics our students will be able to meet these challenges.  Athletics provides the perfect learning environment for students to improve physically, mentally, and socially.  Athletics will bestow relevant learning opportunities within a flexible and innovative surrounding, that will effectively instill knowledge in our students to be productive citizens in the world. Maplebrook teaches our students through athletics the importance of teamwork, cooperation, respect, responsibility, and leadership.  Without promoting character education, none of our goals would be possible.  Athletics uses the school-wide character education program to deliver a strong message and the importance of being an upstanding citizen.




Our athletic program creates an environment where the students feel comfortable and appreciated.  Maplebrook School gives all students a chance to play sports that they have always dreamed of and do not have to worry about not making the team.  Every student is required to participate in three sports each academic year.  Our sports are the following:  Fall – soccer, field hockey, cross country, and equestrian, Winter – basketball, cheerleading, swimming, skiing, and equestrian, and Spring – softball, track and field, tennis, and equestrian.  We also have intramurals throughout the academic year.  Intramurals are on Friday evenings, Sundays, and Monday afternoon.  Intramurals are based on availability and interest of the students.  We offer floor hockey, volleyball, golf, hiking, cycling, and weight/fitness.

Athletics is not all about how many wins or loses you have, but how you play the game.  It is about saying at the end of the day, “I did the best that I could and I am proud of what I accomplished.” We strive to develop each student’s overall abilities and character while still maintaining ethics through healthy competition.  The skills our students learn in athletics are the necessary skills to function in society and to enable them to be physically active, and mentally fit individuals throughout their lives.



Athletic Code of Conduct


All athletes have the responsibility to give their best, play to win, follow specified guidelines, exhibit good conduct and sportsmanship at all times. Athletes need to be aware that no matter where they participate they are always on display. Maplebrook is judged by the company we keep. Our actions in everyday life, both private and public, are a direct reflection on this athletic program and our school.

 General Guidelines:

  • Be on time for everything (practice, games, bus, and etc..).
  • Maintain appropriate behavior during practices, at games and whenever you are representing your school.
  • Be sincere, loyal and show respect at all times to opponents, teammates, officials, spectators, coaches, and administrators.
  • Cooperate with all your teammates, your teachers and your coach.
  • Work hard and strive for improvement.
  • Put your team's success ahead of individual accolades.
  • Create, maintain and promote the elements of good sportsmanship.
  • Be a positive leader in the classroom, on the playing field, in the school, and in the community.







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