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Welcome to the Parent Pages of the MBS Website!

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Statement on Boarding School Life at Maplebrook

Our boarding school community is friendly and caring, with staff and students enjoying positive relations based on mutual respect.  The boarding community at the Maplebrook School contributes to our greatest strength as a small, distinct family atmosphere:  it’s a sense of home.


As members of a boarding school, we live by key principles such as all students developing physically, spiritually, culturally, intellectually, emotionally, academically, morally, and socially.  This is done by sharing everything.  We live together, work together, rest together, eat together, laugh together, and learn together.  Faculty and staff serve in many roles in a boarding school.  We are teachers, coaches, mentors, and role models, and in each role, we foster positive relationships with students.  Students and teachers know each other well at Maplebrook.  That relationship means students know to whom they can turn regarding an academic challenge or a personal dilemma.  Faculty is able to respond with care and knowledge to the concerns and needs of their students.


A sense of belonging is important in helping our students develop friendships and positive relationships.  Our boarding school helps our students become confident, well-rounded individuals who have the ability to make the very best of the opportunities that life offers.


At the heart of our success is the ‘human’ aspect of boarding.  We care for people and encourage people to care.

The Future Begins Here


Ahhh, SNAP! We take so many photos throughout the year, it’d be impossible to post them all to our website and social media (which we would love to have you connect with us on, by the way!) Instead, we put them up on Snapfish for you. Here is the case-sensitive login info—Enjoy!

         Email: lhale@maplebrookschool.org
         Password: MBSeagle3

MBS Parent and Student Handbook 2018

Report Card Maker

This year Maplebrook School has started posting our grades, IEPs, and progress reports on the Internet via a program called Report Card Maker.  Parents can find their individual student’s progress via their parent portal.  You can access that portal at http://www.myparentportal.com and providing the user name and password provided to you by Maplebrook School.  If you have not received your login credentials, please contact Mrs. Wang at awang@maplebrookschool.org.


Maplebrook School | 5142 Route 22 | Amenia, NY 12501

phone: 845.373.9511 | 845.373.8191 (Admissions)

fax: 845.373.7029

email: admissions@maplebrookschool.org