January 2019
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This Weekend

Looking for an agenda of this weekend’s activities?

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Typical Weekday Schedule

7:15 a.m.        Rise & dress
7:45                Breakfast
8:20                Room care & getting ready for the school day
8:45                Morning assembly
9:00-12:05      Morning classes (45 minutes each)
12:15              Lunch
1:05-1:25        Mentoring/Break time
1:30-3:05        Afternoon classes (45 mins. ea.)
3:05                Mail room and school store open
3:30-4:45        Clubs (Mon.)/Team sports (Tues.-Fri.)
4:45                Clean up for dinner
5:15                Dinner
6:15-8:20        Study Hall & Life Skills classes
8:40                Return to dorms to socialize and relax
9:30 p.m.        Students in rooms
10:00 p.m.      Lights out

Non-credit enrichment activities are available to students Monday afternoons and on weekends. We offer a variety of clubs that meet on Mondays and fun weekend outings based on current student interest. Past and current examples of these activities include…

Monday Clubs

  • Art Clubflags-2
  • Driver’s Permit Training
  • Drama Club
  • Mural Design & Set Building
  • Baking/Cooking Club
  • Golf Club
  • Katherine Davis International Students Association (KDISA)
  • Student Government

img_0269Weekend Activities 

  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Special trip to NYC to see a Broadway show
  • Going to a basketball game at nearby Marist College
  • Going to see a play or hockey game in Albany
  • Biking on the the local Harlem Valley Rail Trail
  • Visiting Franklin Roosevelt’s Hyde Park home or another local historic site

On Wednesdays, we have Lyceum—special presentations given by guest speakers, staff, or students. Past Lyceum presenters include:

  • Local chef Dafna Mizrahi of Monte’s Local Kitchen &Tap Room
  • American Red Cross representative
  • Award-winning sound artist Fred Newman
Fred Newman demonstrates sound moving via vibration with the help of a student and a slinky

Fred Newman demonstrates sound moving via vibration with the help of a student and a slinky


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phone: 845.373.9511 | 845.373.8191 (Admissions)

fax: 845.373.7029

email: admissions@maplebrookschool.org