RISE (Responsibility Increases Self Esteem) is a program unique to Maplebrook and is integral to who we are as a school.

RISE works as a motivating and supportive rewards system to encourage growth in our student’s maturity, independence, and self-esteem. It is completely non-punitive and positive reinforcement-based, and is built into everything we do. From waking up on time to prepare for school until returning to the dorms for evening routines, students have opportunities all throughout the day to earn RISE points by responsibly taking care of their duties as learners and members of the Maplebrook community. There are ten different RISE levels; the more points a student earns, the higher they rise through these levels. Each level brings increased privileges and independence, the highest levels being Contract and Contract Plus.

One-on-one mentoring is a key component of the RISE system. Each student is assigned a mentor – either a Maplebrook teacher or administrator. Mentors keep track of their mentee’s RISE points, and meet with their students on a weekly basis to offer support and guidance in working towards their individual goals and growth. The mentor reports to the Maplebrook RISE Committee, which continually assesses each student’s progress and assigns each a corresponding independence level. The Committee also makes recommendations for special awards, commendations, and recognition of individual student’s achievements.

Reaching the highest RISE levels of Contract or Contract Plus is an honor our students strive to achieve—along the way, also achieving tremendous growth in their own self-esteem.


RISE at Home

RISE at Home is a modified version of RISE for parents and students to use together during school breaks. Although RISE at Home is a fairly new development, we’ve already received much positive feedback on it from our students’ families.


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