Character Education

We are a character education school here at Maplebrook. In addition to the RISE character program, which is built into everything our students do, Maplebrook students also have the chance to participate in our Society of Honor, in community service opportunities, and in interfaith chapel services for holidays and special occasions.


Thanksgiving Service 2016

Society of Honor

Maplebrook School’s Society of Honor is designed to recognize those students who have gone above and beyond in exhibiting, not only the Maplebrook core values as per the eight Pillars of Character and the School Honor Code, but an altruistic spirit as well.  As a student routinely follows the Maplebrook School Honor Code, that student has the opportunity to be nominated and elected to the Society of Honor.  Aside from earning one’s high school diploma, induction into Maplebrook’s Society of Honor is the highest honor a Maplebrook student can receive.

School Honor Code

A student promises

  • To be honest, truthful and loyal
  • To treat all people with kindness and dignity
  • To respect all members of the school community
  • To take all academic and personal responsibilities seriously
  • To involve myself in the life of the school
  • To respect all personal and school property
  • To try my best in all areas
  • To conduct myself in an appropriate manner and abide by the Maplebrook Student Handbook
  • To be a good role model for other students

Our 8 Pillars of Character


Showing concern and esteem for yourself and others


Showing regard for the well-being and belongings of others


Showing confidence and belief in the truthfulness of others


Showing sincerity of one’s intentions and keeping one’s promises

Work Ethic

Working hard because good work is its own reward, and the right thing to do


Treating all people with impartial equality


Fulfilling rightful expectations and being accountable for one’s own actions


Participating as an active and invested member in the community

Maplebrook School has a policy of zero tolerance for bullying.


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