T. Hill

“Our daughter has blossomed since coming here. Thank you Maplebrook for making her life special, and for helping us help her.”

D. Wise

“William has found a home. Kim and I are so satisfied to know that William is at a place where he will get a great education and make a great future for himself.”

E. Magee

“So far, over Tim’s 4 years at Maplebrook we have seen an amazing amount of growth. We’re grateful for the partnership we have with everyone at Maplebrook!”  

D. Lehman

“Our son participates in team sports at Maplebrook. These are the kinds of experiences he loves that he was not be able to get at other schools.”

H. Matseke

“My son is becoming quite independent and very comfortable with himself. He is a true reflection of the support he gets from Maplebrook.”