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From the Director of Athletics

Athletics enrich the lives of our student-athletes and we strive to develop programs that meet their needs and interests. We offer a range of sports teams over 3 seasons for students to choose from, helping to create a climate of teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship that encourages students to develop new skills and talents.

At Maplebrook, we believe that physical activity is essential in building a healthy mind and body. We provide a wide variety of sports, including soccer, field hockey, cross-country, equestrian, swimming, basketball, cheerleading, softball, tennis, and track & field. All sports engage in conditioning in our weight & fitness facility.

We nurture our students’ sporting talents throughout their educational journey, whatever their level of ability. Our coaching staff’s expertise enables us to balance the needs of natural athletes and those students trying a sport for the first time. Expert coaching is complemented by superb facilities. We have high standards for our students. When it comes to sports, this translates especially to their effort, attitude, and sportsmanship. We look for and encourage our students to put forth their best effort, cultivate a cooperative and team-player attitude, and to exhibit excellent sportsmanship.

Bill Hale

Bill Hale

The learning that takes place in our athletic program compliments our student-athletes learning in the classroom and prepares them for life after Maplebrook.