Recognized Leader in Special Needs Boarding Schools in NYC For Teens and Young Adults

Maplebrook School, established in 1945 by Sunny Barlow, Serena Merck, and Marjorie Finger, is a beacon among special needs boarding schools in NYC. Dedicated to creating an inclusive environment, Maplebrook stands out as a premier institution for students underserved by conventional educational systems. Over nearly 80 years, it has become a leading choice among boarding schools for learning differences, focusing on neurodiverse students and complex learners.

Our commitment to these principles solidifies Maplebrook’s status as an exemplary model among boarding schools in NYC, dedicated to the advancement and well-being of every student.

At Maplebrook, our approach is tailored to support students learning with a learning disability, characterized by:

  • Highly Structured Classroom & Daily Routines: Essential for students at learning differences schools, providing a stable and predictable learning environment.
  • Small Class Sizes of 4-8: Ensuring personalized attention and support, a key feature of effective boarding schools for learning differences.
  • Individual and Small-Group LD Support: Focused interventions and support, hallmark of Maplebrook's commitment as a specialized boarding school in NYC for students with diverse learning needs.

At Maplebrook, our mission is to offer exceptional academic programs tailored to students with below-average cognitive abilities, learning differences, and those who may exhibit a learning disorder. As a leading institution among special needs boarding schools in NYC, we are committed to fostering an environment where every student can reach their full potential academically, socially, physically, and vocationally.

Maplebrook School embodies the essence of what NYC boarding schools strive to achieve, offering a unique blend of specialized education and life-preparation skills for students with diverse learning needs.

In our boarding school for learning differences, we emphasize:

  • Small Group and Individualized Instruction: This approach is crucial for students learning with a learning disability, as it allows for more tailored and effective teaching methods.
  • Caring, Supportive, and Home-Like Environment: We create a nurturing atmosphere that not only educates but also provides the necessary experiences for students to assume a more independent role in society.
  • Fully Accredited by the NYSAIS and MSACS: Our accreditation stands as a testament to our commitment to high standards in education, particularly in the realm of learning differences schools.
  • Personal Tutoring and Career & College Planning: We offer individualized tutoring and comprehensive career and college planning services, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for their future endeavors.

Maplebrook aspires to be acknowledged as the leading 21st-century international boarding school that serves students with learning differences. Our dedication is towards empowering our students to reach their highest potential, becoming resilient, responsible, and productive global citizens. As a community within the ecosystem of boarding schools in NYC, we aim to ignite a passion for lifelong learning, responsible citizenship, and meaningful contributions to a better global society. Excellence isn’t just a goal, it’s the core of our culture at Maplebrook.

Our vision positions Maplebrook not just as one of the many boarding schools for learning differences, but as a trailblazer in providing holistic education. We’re dedicated to nurturing students learning with a learning disability, ensuring they are equipped for success in every aspect of life.

In line with this vision, we offer:

  • RISE Program, Intramural Sports, Activities, and Community Service: These programs are vital in shaping well-rounded individuals and are key components of our curriculum as a premier learning differences school.
  • 90% of Faculty Are Certified Life Coaches: This unique aspect of our faculty underscores our commitment as a special needs boarding school to fostering advocacy and empowerment in every student.









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