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Dr. Jennifer Scully

Head of School

Welcome to Maplebrook

As the Head of School, it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to all our programs and the unique education we offer at Maplebrook, especially catering to students learning with a learning disability. Whether you’re already a part of our school community or exploring Maplebrook as a prospective student, teacher, or parent, this site is designed to give you a glimpse into the enthusiasm and vitality that define our experience, particularly as a leader among boarding schools in NYC.

At the heart of Maplebrook, you’ll find our students and teachers engaged in an educational journey that sets us apart from other boarding schools for learning differences. In every corner of our spacious campus and beyond, from our classrooms to our athletic fields, and our environmental center to the world beyond our gates, Maplebrook stands as a testament to success stories where students with diverse learning needs, including those learning with a learning disability, grow and learn together.

Maplebrook is fortunate to offer an inspirational environment, unique among learning differences schools, where living and learning intertwine. Few special needs boarding schools can match the magnificent backdrop that shapes the character of the education we provide. Visitors often comment on the great beauty of our campus and our buildings, which enhances the learning experience for students with different educational needs, particularly those with learning disabilities.

Maplebrook’s values are designed to stay with our students for life, preparing them not just as learners but as future leaders. In today’s world, where skills are as vital as qualifications, we emphasize the importance of being effective team players and problem solvers, qualities that are essential in NYC boarding schools. Our approach teaches that human qualities like creativity and compassion are necessary for life, especially in boarding schools for learning differences.

While this website offers an overview of our extensive programs, I encourage you to experience Maplebrook School in action. I invite you to visit and see firsthand the commitment to fostering excellence in our students, who leave our special needs boarding schools as well-rounded young adults, equipped for a successful and fulfilled future.

Dr. Scully

Dr. Jennifer Scully

It’s a great pleasure, as the Head of School, to introduce you to all our programs and the unique education we offer