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Boarding School life

Extracurricular opportunities teach teamwork, the importance of being a part of the school community and most importantly, they are building blocks for good character. We must keep in mind that we are unable to give an individual high self-esteem, but we are able to create an environment that facilitates the opportunities for students to feel better about themselves. Boarding schools like Maplebrook do this very thing. A final, but not the only benefit of an independent school is the chance for each student to develop lifelong friendships.


Bill Hale

There is always room to learn something new and this is not only important, but essential to nurturing confident and capable young adults. It is beyond the classroom that a student’s character is really developed. Here at the Institute, there are so many interests that can be pursued, some of which will become lifelong passions. The Institute for Collegiate and Career Studies offers a large and diverse range of activities for each student’s interests.