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Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation from Maplebrook, a student must attend the school for a minimum of two years. Maplebrook offers a fully-approved New York State High School Diploma.

High School Diploma Requirements:

  • Minimum two full years attendance at Maplebrook
  • Achievement of educational goals of the student’s Individual Education Plan in effect during the school year in which the diploma is awarded
  • Minimum of 13 years of school attendance
  • Minimum of 22 credits as follows:
    • English – 4 units
    • Social Studies – 4 units
    • Mathematics – 3 units
    • Arts – 1 unit
    • Science* – 3 units
    • Health Education – 0.5 units
    • Physical Education – 2 units
    • Electives – 4.5 units

*One unit of Science must include Technology

** In some instances, a student may be recommended for graduation because they need to move on to a different program without having fully satisfied the criteria for either of Maplebrook’s diplomas. In these cases, a Certificate of Attendance is awarded.

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Complete the application and email the information listed below to: admissions@maplebrookschool.org.

  • Latest psycho-educational battery (within 3 years), including the WISC/WAIS
  • Academic achievement data (Woodcock-Johnson, KTEA, WIAT, etc.) including grade equivalents]
  • Transcript
  • Medical/social reports containing information necessary for your child/student’s well-being.

Other pertinent information may be requested by the Admissions Office. Once the application is received and the above materials are reviewed, a visit to the school and interview will be scheduled.

The Admissions Office will contact you to set up an appointment. Visits are scheduled through the Admissions Office and include a student-guided tour of the campus.