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The Institute for Collegiate and Career Studies has developed relationships with more than 65 local businesses where our students gain valuable work experience.

A sample of participating businesses include:

  • Sharon Daycare
  • Noble Horizons
  • Kildare Stables
  • Millerton Vet
  • Dover Library
  • Jack’s Auto
  • Tractor Supply
  • Herrington’s of Millerton and Lakeville
  • Freshtown
  • LaBonne’s Market
  • New Horizons Resources
  • Gloede Sign Co
  • Sharon Country Inn
  • Mizza’s Pizza
  • Lutheran Care Home
  • Froggy’s Childcare
  • Totally Kidz Childcare
  • Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue
  • Annabelle’s Village Bake Shop
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Internship opportunities for students with special needs play a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity and unlocking untapped potential. Tailored to accommodate diverse abilities, our internship programs offer a supportive environment where students can gain real-world experience, develop vocational skills, and build a foundation for future career success. By developing an earnest work ethic, supported through mentorship, students with special needs can contribute meaningfully to workplaces, breaking down barriers and showcasing the valuable talents they bring to the professional arena. Internships become a pathway to empowerment, promoting diversity, and creating a more inclusive workforce for the benefit of both individuals and employers alike.