July 5, 2023


Dear Members of the Maplebrook Community,

As is apparent in news reports, the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly evolving. I have been working daily with the health office and in consultation with a physician and Sharon Hospital. With that in mind, I write to provide an update on how the latest information affects the Maplebrook community. First and foremost, the students and staff are healthy and safe here on campus. It’s been an all hands on deck approach to good hygiene and educating on preventative measures.

The recommendations and decisions below are based on information and guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, Dutchess County Department of Health and World Health Organization.

This message includes the following:

•Share Plans for Travel

•Taking Care of the Maplebrook Community

•Illness and Return to Campus

•Ongoing Communication

Share Plans for Travel

In the interest of helping us provide support for returning to School, we ask all Maplebrook community members who will be heading to destinations other than their home communities, including students, faculty, staff, and their families to share their Spring Break travel plans.

Taking Care of the Maplebrook Community

For preventative measures prior to Spring Break and continuing after return, we will be adhering to the advice and guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control, in particular their Guidelines for Prevention and Treatment. We encourage students, families, faculty, and staff to do the same while away from campus.

Illness and Return to Campus

The School is committed to taking reasonable measures to ensure the well-being of the whole community, and with your assistance, we can ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere. It is essential that all members of the Maplebrook community do not return to campus with any illness, including such ailments as the common cold. This applies to students, faculty, staff, and their family members who reside on campus. As a precaution, we will be screening all students and staff upon return after spring break and based on temperatures and potential symptoms, we will seek out assistance from Sharon Hospital or ask that students return home to recover where appropriate.

Ongoing Communication

Because of the fluid nature with this health situation, we have established a page on our website for continuous updates, links to pertinent organizations and what the Maplebrook community is doing to stay current. There is a banner on the home page that takes you to the COVID-19 information page. For your convenience, our website is www.maplebrookschool.org.

In the spirit of boarding schools, we are a closely interconnected community, and the choices each of us makes and the risks we assume can have unintended, yet potentially serious implications for others. It is vitally important that each of us reflects on our choices and their potential impact and act according to what is likely to keep the Maplebrook community healthy overall.

On behalf of the Health Office and all of us at Maplebrook, thank you for the important role you play in keeping our School community healthy.

Kindest regards,

Head of School          Marie Fox

Jenn Scully                Head Nurse