July 5, 2023


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

I believe that it is important for us as a school community to recognize two things; the benefit of doing something different and the importance of adventure in young lives. If we don’t provide these opportunities then we miss chances for growth. Our summer program allowed many of the students to learn something new, to consider things other than their electronics and to build friendships.  Learning can occur in the most unlikely places:  around the lunch table, in the dorm, in the internet cafe or even at the yurt.

The experience of communal living away from parents is also a vital part of growing up. Having to spend time with a range of people and to learn to cooperate despite potential differences can be challenging.  The simple fact of being away from home develops both confidence and resilience. Taking responsibility for your own dirty clothes rather than relying on someone else to pick them up is a vital part of growing and living in the dorm provides the opportunity for students to discover their independence.

While it will be sad to see our summer program end (I feel like the students just arrived), it will be a few short weeks before we return for the fall term.  It remains to be seen how the students will make use of the learning that has taken place this summer, but no matter what, we know that they learned new things, added to their peer group, gained a new level of independence and certainly made an impression on all of us at Maplebrook.  When the snow is flying, we can revert back to these photos to remind us not only of the great experience, but to see those smiles that fueled our energy all summer.

Thank you for entrusting us with your children and enjoy the remainder of the summer.