July 5, 2023


I have recently had some time to sit and reflect on the time spent as a school community reveling in the huge pleasure that is derived from being together this past weekend.  To be able to celebrate the school’s 75th anniversary with those who contribute to this community: board members, foundation members, ambassadors, alumni and friends of the School was truly one of the highlights of the Fall Family Weekend.  Endless thanks for helping make our school, and our students’ future, a little bit brighter.

The best view comes after the hardest climb and this couldn’t be more true after being reunited with your students. We hope you enjoyed your time with your students, meeting the talented faculty/staff and relished your time on our beautiful campus.  It is difficult for me to tell those students who joined us this September from those who are old hands.  Confidence has grown, habits are forming and progress is evident.  October is a time when we have a chance to review, to reflect and to adjust goals to carry our students into the second half of the fall season.  October is a time for excitement and anticipation at what is to happen next now that the beginning of school jitters have settled down.

In all we do at Maplebrook, our purpose is the formation of the individual student to do and be his/her best. The acquisition of knowledge and honing of understanding serves to build self-belief. The origin of this belief lies in a notion of humility that is not about thinking less of oneself but thinking of oneself less, which allows us to look at our students and be inspired.  You may have heard from your students that we are hosting a community event this coming weekend.  While we will celebrate the joy of Halloween, more importantly, it is an event meant to give back to our community at large as all the proceeds go to a very important organization.  What better way to teach our students the value of community service.  Attached is the flyer for your information; photos to follow.

Again, many thanks for your ongoing support and being such an important part of the Maplebrook family.