July 5, 2023


Good afternoon Maplebrook community.

We are all learning so much these days. Much of it has to do with mastering technology, but we are also learning about ourselves and the people around us. Physical and social distancing is hard work, adapting to change is even harder, but we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for and no matter what your station in life, there is always room to be a student.

On this Memorial Day, my mind moves to those who selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may be free. I have begun to reread The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw. As I reflect on the eldest group in our population and their experiences, I can’t help but think that there are so many lessons and examples they set for all of us to use as guideposts to cope with our current situation.

During WWII, many served without hesitation, working together to overcome odds that seemed insurmountable. I appreciate this service to others as a way for a society to be successful. We are seeing many examples of this, but in our own microcosm; this is what is keeping the Maplebrook community strong in the face of adversity. We can learn from the Greatest Generation and from this school year that nothing is insurmountable if we work together, support one another and let the mission of Maplebrook be our guide.

We stand at the threshold of graduation weekend and I think about this school year and what can be applied from the Greatest Generation. It has been a year that is characterized by ingenuity and intelligence, but also with courage, grit, sacrifice and hope. As I have said before, the students are inspiring as to how they faced the disruption in their lives and served as teachers for us on many occasions if you allow yourself to be immersed in their lessons of perseverance and commitment. It is humbling to see that despite decades of age difference between those young men and women who fought in WWII and our students today, some lessons stand the test of time.

All these characteristics defined the 2019-20 school year and are reflected in our upcoming events. Despite having to shift our end of year celebrations, we have a wonderful experience ahead for our community. Attached is the schedule for the last week of school as well as a guide to Graduation Weekend. In the next week, you will be receiving more information and all will be posted to the End of Year webpage: https:// www.maplebrookschool.org/end-of-year-information.html

We have achieved great things and have much to be proud of. The Maplebrook community is second to none. I am grateful to our families for their support and most importantly, the fortune of working with your students. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Be well,

Jenn Scully