July 5, 2023

Happy Spring

Welcome back and Happy Spring!

As I stood in the hallway of Thalheimer Hall this morning, I became aware of a strange noise. Like a loud, sustained whisper, it was not unpleasant but it was not something I had heard before. Suddenly I realized what it was: relief!  It was the collective exhalation of all of us to have the students back.

I was worried the ‘back to school’ feeling would overwhelm some or over-excitement would consume others. But not at all. It was simply a happy day with laughter and pleasant chatter filling the hallways.  As well as things began, we are aware that we need to give the students time to re-calibrate to life at school. We have many wonderful things planned for the rest of this semester and the beautiful spring weather helps realize these plans.  What seemed to be lifeless suddenly burst into life. The sun is shining brighter, the grass grows greener and the flowers are beginning to bloom.  This is a sure sign that faculty and staff are reenergized and everyone is ready to roll up their sleeves and finish the school year strong.

We have seven and a half short weeks until our end of year celebrations and it will go quickly.  The family Zoom meetings are scheduled for April 15, May 6 and May 20.  Until those times, if you have questions or need anything from us at the school, please do not hesitate to reach out.

As we head into the last part of the school year, I am looking forward to continuing to root our students on in their quest to succeed and begin to experience a bit of normality.