July 5, 2023


Good morning and Happy Monday!

We have made it halfway through the summer program and I am eager to begin the second three weeks. It’s been wonderful to see the students so engaged and enjoying the social benefits of being on campus.

This weekend, I was listening to a recorded version of my niece singing the best version of Ave Maria I have ever heard from her. The simplicity of that song and the calming feeling as her voice carried over the church was just what was needed as I thought about how the world’s busyness is always front and center, often consuming our daily lives. Lauren’s glorious voice cleared my head and reminded me that we should appreciate simple pleasures and everyday things.

This couldn’t be more true than in the daily atmosphere here on campus this summer. I took a break from chipping away at my long to do list to come to campus and take some photos. Listening to the laughter of the students as they were immersed in the Physics Olympics, focused on those fun experiments, emphasized the need to appreciate the simplicity of having fun.

Reflecting on these moments over morning coffee serves as a renewed sense of appreciating the simple pleasures and cherishing the amazing school we are all fortunate to be a part of. So far after a long COVID-related hiatus, this summer has provided comfort, reassurance, and has allowed us to engage with a routine that we know and love, just in a different way.

To kick off the second half of the summer session, enjoy the highlights from last week and appreciate the simple pleasures of learning, friendship and laughter. https://photos.app.goo.gl/XMaoMbjoCPwWh1sH7

Everyone stay safe, take down your face covering and smell the flowers.

Jenn Scully