July 5, 2023


Dear Summer Program Families:

Thank you for a wonderfully smooth opening day yesterday. It was typically warm for July in upstate NY, complete with blazing sun and a cool breeze, which emphasized how delighted and excited we were to welcome everyone back for the summer session. The sight and sound of the students enjoying life back at school has lifted everyone’s spirits.

After extensive planning to ensure that every detail and scenario had been considered as well as meeting all the relevant guidance, it has been a joy to finally have a semblance of school normality. True, there may be some homesickness as is customary when there is change, but as the students settle in, they are becoming very involved in our warm and inclusive school. They are relishing being back with their friends and while a few are finding the social distancing tricky and mastering the mask, the pluses of being back in a relatively normal routine are enormous. It is a unique time for us all and we are able to make things really special within an atmosphere that, we hope, feels like home.

This summer, our communication scheme will entail a weekly message from me on Mondays and an optional Zoom meeting on Fridays at 4:00 PM (EST). The link to the Friday meetings have been set on the school calendar for ease of use. Simply locate the date on the calendar and click the link. https://www.maplebrookschool.org/ calendarreminders.html

Your commitment to ensuring that Maplebrook remains a celebrated and successful school is extraordinary. I eagerly look forward to the great things we will accomplish this summer. It remains an honor and privilege to serve as the head of school and I look forward to an amazing six weeks.

Best wishes,

Jenn Scully