July 5, 2023


Dear Maplebrook Community:

The last few weeks have been extraordinarily challenging for everyone around the globe. The administrative team and I have been in the epicenter of COVID-19, managing a myriad of decisions, consuming vast amounts of information (much of which seems to change by the hour), ensuring clear and open communication, and supporting the emotional well-being of faculty, staff, students, and families. One of the biggest challenges of COVID-19 is the unknown.

I am deeply grateful for a senior leadership team, a board of trustees, and a staff who are dedicated, hardworking, and committed to both the well-being of our students and the integrity of our school. I cannot say enough about the sense of community and support. We hope that you have been using the dedicated website page for updates and announcements. We will continue to update the page throughout this health situation.

As a community with a shared responsibility to care for one another, we have remained focused on maintaining the health and safety of the students as we head into Spring Break this weekend. Fortunately, we do not have any confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus nor do we have any reports of any member of our community exhibiting any symptoms.

The administrative team will be spending time on Monday planning ahead for the student reentry to school after the break. In the event of an extended school closure, our faculty and staff have been preparing strategies for academic engagement at home. Students will need a computer, reliable access to the Internet, and a working printer. We will be communicating more on this as quickly as possible should this plan need to be activated. At this time, we are scheduled to return to campus on Sunday, March 29.

We are here to help. Having found ourselves in the center of COVID-19, please view us as partners in getting through this situation with the utmost care and health. Enjoy the break with your students and we will be in touch again soon.

Be well,

Jenn Scully

Head of School

Maplebrook School

5142 Route 22

Amenia, NY 12501