July 5, 2023


Yesterday afternoon I took a break from my desk work to enjoy our campus bursting with beautiful colors. As I walked around, I was grinning ear to ear watching Mr. Balser ride his bike on campus right alongside the students and listening to the laughter.  This is boarding school.  The boarding community at Maplebrook contributes to our greatest strength as a small, distinct family-like atmosphere:  it’s a sense of home.

As members of a boarding school, we live by the key principles of helping all students develop physically, spiritually, culturally, intellectually, emotionally, academically, morally and socially.  This is done by sharing everything.  We live together, work together, rest together, eat together, laugh together and learn together.  Faculty/staff serve many roles in a boarding school.  We are teachers, coaches, mentors, listeners and role models and each role fosters positive relationships.  These relationships mean students know to whom they can turn regarding an academic challenge or a personal dilemma or even just to share an accomplishment.

At the heart of our success is the human aspect of boarding. We care for people and encourage people to care.  This concept is evident throughout our 75 years in existence. As I learn more about Maplebrook’s story, I see caring in every yearbook, in every letter, in every photo.  In this installment of Maplebrook history, we go back to a note from “Aunt Marge” Finger, first head of school who poignantly addresses this very topic of solid relationships.  She wrote:

Happiness grows out of our relationships with others, based on attitudes of good will, patience, understanding and love. (1976)

Our founding head of school proves the point that boarding schools like Maplebrook foster the relationships that make us truly home away from home.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week.