July 5, 2023


We are at the end of a fantastic week 2 of the summer program and there are smiles for miles.

Aristotle said, “There is something to be wondered in all of nature” and he was right.  At a time when students are seen to be losing their connection to nature, instead deepening their connection to technology and spending less time outside, it is as important as ever that we appreciate how our lives relate to the natural world around us.  Watching our students enjoy the outdoors during recreation last night harkened me back to my summer days of riding bikes, building forts out of the neighbor’s empty refrigerator box and racing down the street to meet the bookmobile only to spend the rest of that afternoon immersed in a good book enveloped in the shade of a huge maple tree.

Students are intrinsically motivated to explore, create and be curious about the environment around them and this enables them to develop holistically. Holistic growth combines an individual’s mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development and so we encourage outdoor learning and spending as much time outside as possible this summer ~ nurture by nature if you will.

We are looking forward to more outdoor adventures and we encourage you to reminisce about the summer fun you encountered.  When your students are home, maybe you can compare notes while on a walk by a lake.  Have a wonderful weekend.