July 5, 2023


Tomorrow morning the Olympic Games begin.  They are a wonderful display of the most incredible athletic prowess on the planet and they bring a sense of togetherness, inspiration and motivation that no other sporting event can.  It’s in the spirit of the Games where camaraderie is born.  Our students come together to cheer on their favorite Olympic athletes and teams.  We all burst with pride for these two weeks, feel nationalism on another level and try to emulate summer heroes such as Simone Biles, Trayvon Bromell and Katie Ledecky to name a few.

The Olympics reminds us that despite coming from so many different places, having so many diverse experiences and ideals, we can still unite and learn from each other.  This is the foundation upon which so many friendships are built.

Over the next couple of weeks we will tune into the Olympics, look to the best of the best to connect with them as the athletes representing something we can relate to – grit, intensity, respect for those with opposing views, and teamwork. We look forward to joining in camaraderie to celebrate those who renew our pride in country, sportsmanship and who convert foes into friends through athletics.

Have a wonderful weekend.