July 5, 2023


Thank you for a wonderfully smooth opening day yesterday.  It was typically warm for July in upstate NY, complete with blazing sun and a cool breeze, which emphasized how delighted we were to welcome everyone back for the summer session. If you were to wander into any supermarket you would be pretty confident that you could buy certain things in all of them – milk, butter, bread, fruit and vegetables spring to mind. What you could not find on any of their shelves is a packaged version of the sense of excitement and expectation that we felt yesterday. Quite simply, it was a special feeling to see the students back on campus. Their energy is phenomenal and has given all of us a wonderful boost.

True, there may be some homesickness as is customary when there is change, but as the students settle in, they are becoming very involved in our warm and inclusive school.  Adapting to new teachers, routines, structure and expectations reminds me of wearing new shoes for the first time and still having the yearning for that old pair that fit our feet so well. Once you get used to your new shoes/group then all is well.  This will definitely be the case for all the summer program students shortly.  It is a unique time for us all and we are able to make things really special within an atmosphere that, we hope, feels like home.

I eagerly look forward to the great things we will accomplish this summer.  It remains an honor and privilege to serve as the head of school and I look forward to an amazing six weeks.