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Maplebrook School Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

At Maplebrook School, we believe in the acquisition and manifestation of core values that transcend race, color and creed.  It is a time to examine the balance of school programming and ethics in our school community in order to ensure that our young people of today grow up as responsible citizens of tomorrow. We want our students at Maplebrook to live their lives unencumbered by what they look like, where they come from or what faith they practice, if any. This generation should grow up to be custodians of equality and fairness so that each individual can aspire for the best irrespective of their background or culture. In order for this to be achieved, there needs to be a strong partnership between home and school, where a culture of tolerance and trust can be fostered and celebrated from the Board of Trustees to the students, their families and staff.

At Maplebrook, we are a school committed in this respect. Furthermore, our admissions policy is broad, open-minded and welcomes applications from families of all backgrounds.  As a community that actively celebrates diversity, we firmly believe we are making a positive difference. However, we are passionate and reflective about listening, learning and better understanding the views and experiences of others. It remains our fundamental aim to promote a happy, fulfilling school culture where every person is treated with equal kindness, patience and understanding.

Maplebrook complies with all applicable federal and state laws with regard to service animals on site.