July 5, 2023


First, we hope you are well and everyone is healthy.  We are half way through this abbreviated distance learning program and it has been quite successful.
As we find ourselves in the teeth of a global pandemic, rest assured that we are working closely with state and local Departments of Health to ensure that we are prepared to maintain the same level of safety we have since September.   We will have more information on the plans for return in January next week.

While the news can produce scary and sometimes conflicting reports, it is important to stay grounded and keep perspective. So how do we do that? We must pull together, as humans have for centuries. As Cincinnatus was called from his fields to save Rome, as citizens were called to plant victory gardens in WWII, so too are we being called again only in the Maplebrook way.  That is, we have had to adjust to a new way of living, working and being educated.  We all have a job that is allowing us to collectively manage the inconvenience of a pandemic.  The students’ job is to do the best they can in their classes, our job as a school is to provide quality education and the families’ job is to encourage your students to do their very best.  This is the teamwork that will help us be successful in this endeavor.  We are working together to maintain as structured a learning environment as possible and I am so appreciative for all you are doing to strengthen your students’ success.


Each of us is important. Each of us can make a difference: By keeping each other safe. By making smart decisions.By helping our neighbors.By keeping calm. By taking care of our health and listening to instructions. By maintaining perspective.  These components make up the job we have to do during this time.  As we come together as a team, we will do our job with courage, temperance, and wisdom. We can get through this challenge and we will be stronger for it.  In the meantime, stay well.