July 5, 2023


Dear Maplebrook Families:

As a new school year has arrived, it is a great time for renewal and a perfect opportunity to think about what type of school and community we want to be. It is wonderful to hear the buzz of activity back on campus, rather than in front of a computer screen. To see the smiling eyes behind the masks makes everyday worthwhile.

Every morning, I arrive at my office in Howes Hall and I am reminded of our mission. That mission drives everything we do here. By providing quality academic programs for students with learning differences, we give them an opportunity that other schools didn’t. This opens the door to creativity and innovation. We can blaze new trails and teach with an individualization that you most likely have never seen in your student’s school career. In addition, the caring, supportive and homelike environment allows us to solidify those skills within our students that we take for granted. We are able to teach in the moment for a greater probability that your student will internalize those skills and assume a more independent role in society.

We have kicked off a 75th anniversary this opening day with the ringing of the original school bell (see attached photo). As I am writing a magazine to commemorate this milestone, I am struck by the fact that the culture of Maplebrook has endured for 75 years. The warmth of Maplebrook permeates every yearbook and every story told through people we have interviewed. You feel it as soon as you pull onto the campus. However much the school has grown and continues to grow, it’s become apparent that we must never lose that warm feeling. We want the whole school community to appreciate the value of what we achieve together, to celebrate successes and understand why Maplebrook stands for what it does. We will be reminiscing and celebrating throughout the year and I hope you find yourself as mesmerized by our history and what our trailblazers did to help us be here today.

As mentioned in a previous email or when we saw you on opening day, our calendar has changed slightly to account for COVID-19 regulations. I have adjusted our school calendar to reflect those changes. Additionally, our communication with you will consist of a weekly email and a once a month Zoom video call. As has been customary, I will place the connection information on the school calendar found here: https://www.maplebrookschool.org/calendarreminders.html

In this new school year, my hope is together to reaffirm who and what we believe ourselves to be: members of a community that is marked by and committed to mutual respect, reverence, and belief in a common vision. I pledge to continue to positively impact and change lives while head of Maplebrook, and in so doing, I know that it will continue to impact and change mine. I look forward to an amazing school year with each of you.