As we begin the new school year, I am particularly grateful for this community of staff, students and families in my life, and I am eager to see you again on opening day, Sunday, September 12th.  I am looking forward to experiencing the vibrancy and exciting atmosphere that is present on Maplebrook’s campus when it’s populated with… Continue reading WELCOME BACK EAGLES!


Schools are places of routine.  Our start of school “jolt to the system” has  receded and the regularity of school life has offered a sense of security to students and staff alike.  The very best schools offer a sense of comfort and familiarity accentuated by frequent moments of excitement. These take a variety of forms: a particularly… Continue reading POSITIVE BEGINNINGS


I have recently had some time to sit and reflect on the time spent as a school community reveling in the huge pleasure that is derived from being together this past weekend.  To be able to celebrate the school’s 75th anniversary with those who contribute to this community: board members, foundation members, ambassadors, alumni and friends… Continue reading FALL FESTIVITIES


Gratitude makes a difference.  When we take time each day to focus on the things in our life for which we are grateful, it can be energizing, uplifting and foster hope for the future.  As we welcome family and friends to gather together this Thanksgiving, what better time to commit ourselves to a focus on gratitude. As… Continue reading HAPPY THANKSGIVING


Thank you for a wonderfully smooth opening day yesterday.  It was typically warm for July in upstate NY, complete with blazing sun and a cool breeze, which emphasized how delighted we were to welcome everyone back for the summer session. If you were to wander into any supermarket you would be pretty confident that you could buy certain things in all… Continue reading SUMMER ~ WELCOME BACK


We are at the end of a fantastic week 2 of the summer program and there are smiles for miles. Aristotle said, “There is something to be wondered in all of nature” and he was right.  At a time when students are seen to be losing their connection to nature, instead deepening their connection to technology and… Continue reading SUMMER ~ WEEK 2


Tomorrow morning the Olympic Games begin.  They are a wonderful display of the most incredible athletic prowess on the planet and they bring a sense of togetherness, inspiration and motivation that no other sporting event can.  It’s in the spirit of the Games where camaraderie is born.  Our students come together to cheer on their favorite Olympic athletes and… Continue reading SUMMER ~ WEEK 3


As I was walking my black lab, Becket, around campus, there was something special happening.  There were students and staff providing a concert of laughter, singing and reveling in each other’s company.  What a great sound!  The circle around the gazebo was full of enthusiasm and it struck me how infectious and how powerful smiling and laughter is.  When I… Continue reading SUMMER ~ WEEK 4


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust I believe that it is important for us as a school community to recognize two things; the benefit of doing something different and the importance of adventure in young lives. If we don’t provide these opportunities then we… Continue reading END OF SUMMER


Dear Members of the Maplebrook Community, As is apparent in news reports, the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly evolving. I have been working daily with the health office and in consultation with a physician and Sharon Hospital. With that in mind, I write to provide an update on how the latest information affects the Maplebrook… Continue reading MARCH 4